08 May 2018

Is your company based in the Netherlands and is English the main company language? Are you looking for ways to grow as a team, so that together you can achieve more?

Team coaching on the job

As a leader of a team or organisation it can be difficult at times to focus on the desired results, group dynamics and the individual team members. Despite your clear intentions you may find that roles and responsibilities are not always clear, people do not support each other fully and you are working too hard to solve daily issues.

Should you be more on top of things or sit back? Giving instructions or space? Letting them sort it out among themselves, or play the grown-up in the room?

The last thing you want as a leader is to be the team babysitter. But you don’t want endless off-sites either, hoping for the best. Or being fed cookie-cutter tips because you don’t run a cookie-cutter business.

The no-nonsense approach

That is why I provide a pragmatic, no-nonsense approach of coaching teams on the job to reach the objectives that they, together, set for themselves. The team is responsible. I facilitate the process, provide tools and do interventions in the moment. This hand-on, real-time approach helps the group to instantly change their behaviour and be more effective. The team as a whole grows to a higher level of maturity. That improves the workflow, leads to the desired results and is more harmonious.

When to consider team coaching?  

Consider team coaching if you can answer ‘yes’ to any these. If so, feel free to give me a call.

  • Undefined or unclear responsibilities
  • Too little ownership, finger-pointing, playing the waiting/blame game
  • Much judgment, knowing-better, us-versus-them
  • Speaking about one another, but not giving direct feedback
  • Undercurrents that are present and sensed but not acknowledged and tackled
  • Little willingness to reflect on one’s own behaviour

The advantages of on-the-job team coaching

  • Requires little extra time investment as the coaching takes place during ‘business as usual’
  • The team sets its own objectives, collectively
  • As a leader you are not doing this all by yourself
  • Negative/counter-productive patterns are brought to light and quickly remedied
  • The programme is fully tailored and sized to your needs

What are the results?

A team that is more productive, more committed and has more fun.

Are you brave enough?

Are you ready to change the behaviour of your team or organisation for the better? As someone once wrote in a review: “Fiona is not for the faint-hearted.” I will not pamper you. I will be direct and honest with you while attuning to the group dynamics. Trust and safety are key.

I will bring with me all my knowledge of system dynamics, Enneagram types and more renown models. I will facilitate, and you will do the rest.

Would you like to have more information? Please feel free to contact me.

About me

My father was British. My mother is half British, half Dutch. I was born in Rotterdam and went to an English-American secondary school where I did my ‘O-’ and ‘A’ Levels. My husband and I currently live smack in the centre of Rotterdam. As you can see in my bio on LinkedIn I had a commercial job at Randstad for 12 years and started Cookcoaching in 2004. I work as trainer, coach and teacher of a six-day course on system dynamics in companies. Most impactfully, I have learned that I can achieve more with an open heart.