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Do you know deep down that there are things in your past that you have not come to terms with? Are there painful events that you have hidden away, or recurring patterns that are holding you back in your daily life? As long as you do not confront them, you cannot escape from them, with a good chance that you will pass them on to the next generation.

In this book Fiona Cook takes us on her journey of unraveling her past, recognizing, and breaking through repeating patterns. She shares with you how she experienced that journey and what she gained from it. She uses her knowledge about the working of system dynamics to give a voice to what could be sensed but what was not visible. By doing so she offers a different perspective from which you can explore and look at your own situation


We become free as soon as we accept what is restraining us

Toekie van Apeldoorn
In Foreword Unraveled

Personal coaching

I support female leaders whose unwanted behavior, and its effects are limiting them in daily life. I help you to unravel, so that you understand why it is that you do what you do, and where that originates. You will become aware of repeating patterns and break through dysfunctional ones. You will experience what is possible for you when you feel authentic, and empowered, allowing you to choose a path that aligns with your purpose.

Coaching questions

Examples of issues that people have asked me to coach them on in the past twenty years. It could be that you:

  • Are ready for the next step
  • Find it difficult to set boundaries or ask for help
  • Are heading for a burn-out, and wanting to change your behavior
  • Would like to gain confidence
  • Find it hard to let go of control

I work as a systemic coach, using family and organizational constellations to put my finger on the underlying dynamics that are limiting you in your work, and your personal life. I will help you to recognize and break through patterns, and experience peace of mind and joy, and a comfortable balance between your personal and professional life.

I work both online and in-person.

About Fiona Cook

Fiona Cook (1964) is ruthless, yet kindhearted, straightforward, yet playful, and knows what it takes to connect head and heart. She brings those characteristics into her work as a coach. She uses her knowledge of family and organizational systems to support people in their search for answers to the questions they have, in the different roles and stages of their lives.

English speaking personal coach The Netherlands

Are you looking for an English-speaking coach in The Netherlands who can support you in your personal and professional development?